Our Goal:

To serve our customers in aligning their culture through a customized Values-Based Leadership Model.

Our Belief:

High performing companies link their strategy to their shared core values, vision, and/or mission which act as a compass and foundation for trust within the organization. Strategy without these components is unsustainable.

Our Foundation:

The Values-Based Leadership Model, represented by Integrity's logo, integrates these components of effective organizational design.

Our Services

Our experience includes engagements with small and large corporations, executive leadership groups and non-profit organizations. We advocate an "investment approach" to our training and development. All strategies and training should create new behaviour, new language, and measurable leadership & management practices, which impact your bottom line.

Organizational Development Services

Integrity's organizational development services range from business and strategic planning, to comprehensive organizational design and development.

We offer executive facilitation to clients who require effective, dynamic and comprehensive team or group development expertise. We also provide focused, individual executive or management level performance coaching.

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Leadership & Employee Development Services

At Integrity, we advocate an "investment approach" to training and development. All training should create new behavior, new language and measurable leadership and management practices, which impact your bottom line.

Our leadership and management curriculum offers an updated, contemporary approach to building powerful management and leadership skills throughout your organization.

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I want to thank you for the presentation you gave, and the energy, conviction, and enthusiasm with which you gave it. Like many others I’ve seen the values written all over the place but never gave them any attention. They were just words. These lessons will make an impact on my professional behavior, but they will also make no less of an impact on my personal life and relationships. I can’t tell you how many times I found mirrors in that meeting, reflecting back not myself and the others in that room or my office, but myself and my marriage, and my family. Thanks again.

Kyle Walker
Drafting Supervisor,Enerflex Energy Systems Inc.