About Integrity Consulting


Providing people in every community in every nation the tools to ethically change their world for good.


Partnering with leaders to define, assess and build a Values-Based Culture.

According to leadership author Richard Daft, "ethical values in organizations are developed and strengthened primarily through Values-Based Leadership (VBL), a relationship between leaders and followers that is based on shared, strongly internalized values that are advocated and acted upon by the leader. Leaders influence ethical values through their personal behavior as well as through the organization's systems and policies" (Daft, 2005, p. 576)

The VBL process seeks to engage associates, customers, shareholders and all stakeholders in a partnership, so that the activities of one group directly and positively impact the others, with employees being the initial focus. Authors Linda Trevino and Katherine Nelson site the Holt Companies of San Antonio Texas as "a model of values-based approaches to management" (Trevino & Nelson, 1999, p. 274) Holt's status as one of the leading Caterpillar dealerships in the world is a testimony to the sustainability and success of the cultural process.

The process defines success, among other measurables, in terms of managing by a set of ethical values. This is in contrast to the trend in business where success is often defined by sheer size with an emphasis on short term financial results.

The VBL process derives from the belief that a whole community – employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders will benefit in a very real way from association with a company committed to managing by such a values process.

Values-Based Leadership is a strategic component of organizational development. It provides the fifty thousand foot level vision and compass for organizational success as well as the process for prescriptively establishing short term goals, actions and measurements.

In January 1996 Integrity Consulting Services Ltd was established to bring the Values-Based Leadership (VBL) model to organizations throughout the world. We are so committed to this vision that we only provide customized VBL solutions for our clients and choose not to involve ourselves in low impact public training or events.

The unique Values-Based Leadership process is a diagnostic-prescriptive approach, which creates customized solutions, measurable outcomes and significant value for our clients. In 2006, Bill Lingard CEO of Flint Energy Services Ltd. recognized Integrity Consulting and the Values-Based Leadership process as "a significant reason behind Flint achieving it's first billion in revenue."

Now, your company can take advantage of Integrity's experience in developing excellence in leadership and organizational performance.

Our Core Values

Everyone has core values; beliefs on which their world view, behaviour and inner dialogue is based. Below are the corporate core values of Integrity Consulting, and our definitions of those values, based on the format and structure utilized by Ethics Tool.

Our Model

Our tag line, Building Leaders Who Build Leaders, is based on the parable of the fisherman.

At Integrity Consulting we believe it is best to "teach a man to fish and feed him for a life time, rather than feed a man a fish and feed him for a day."

Therefore our business model is designed to work our way out of business with our customers. Over a time period predominantly dictated by the customer we will equip and certify select customer internal service providers to train, consult and facilitate the Values-Based Leadership process internally. Either through customized train the trainer programs or those provided by our vendor partners we will ensure our customer's internal competency is built.

As well we will work with the client to develop an internal VBL Leadership committee to oversee, steer, advise the executive group and champion the Values-Based Leadership process.