Our Philosophy

Like the parable, we believe it is best to “teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime, rather than feed a person for a day.” In honor of this story’s spirit, our training and development strategies are designed to work us ‘out of a job’ and leave behind new behavior, language,and measurable leadership and management practices to guide you and your team through a lifetime.

Our Vision

Providing people in every community and nation the tools to ethically change their world for good.

Our Mission

Partnering with leaders to define, assess and build successful cultures of trust.

Our Core Values

Our corporate core values, and definitions, are presented in the format and structure used by EthicsTool.com

Blue vs icon for Integrity Core Values

Do the right thing even though it may cost us more than we want to pay.

• Be ethical
• Be trustworthy
• Be humble

Gear icon - About Us, Core Values Relationships

Extend ourselves so that others may grow.


• Love our partners
• Serve and equip others to succeed
• Ensure trust is foundational
• Resolve conflicts
• Laugh together

Flow chart icon - About Us, Core Values Success

Work on projects we will be proud of.


• Be adventurous
• Earn partner loyalty
• Continuously learn and improve
• Evaluate all deliverables
• Celebrate quick wins often

Core Values: The fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong.