Five Behaviours Accreditation

Brock just finished and passed his Five Bheaviors of a Cohesive TeamTM Facilitator Accreditation. He says "this is the most powerful facilitated team tool he has ever expereinced in 20 years" and he looks forward to helping our customer teams grow and succeed with help from the 5 Behaviors, based upon Patrick Lencioni's long standing work and best selling book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.



Written by Brock

New Science, new Certification and Tool

Brock has recently returned from San Diego where he had a chance to learn the science behind and the process of teaching Optimal Motivation. In addition to learning from Susan Fowler, author of the book Why Motivating People Doesn't Work and What Does and co-author of the curriculum, Brock took advantage of the oppotrunity to meet with Dr. Drea Ziagarmi, one of the founding partners of the Ken Blanchard Companies and co-reasearcher behind Optimal Motivaiton. Drea was able to assist Brock in understanding measuring the impact of Optimal Motivation through the Employee Work Passion Survey.

According to Brock, "Optimal Motivation is life changing." He quotes the authors as saying, "research shows all people are motivated, the question is why." Please feel free to go to Blanchard Optimal Motivation Video to see Brock speaking on his experience and the connection between Optimal Motivation and SL II Experience. In addition to learning from Susan and co-facilitator Judith Donin, Brock also enjoyed learning from his fellow students pictured below.

Written by Brock

Values-Based Decision Making - Front Line Providers

Very happy to announce that we have completed the curriculum for the new Values-Based Decision Making for Front Line Providers. This 3/4 day customizable design is intended to bring your corproate values and ethical guidelines to life for any non-supervisory personnel. It is engauging, informative and concludes with a group case study which challenges the students to work as a team to make ethical decisons on real life ethical dilemmas and filter their decisions through the 6-Step Values-Based Decision Making tool. This program is now part of our Values-Based Decision Making suite of tools, including the comprehensive 2-Day version for supervisors, managers and executives all of which we are making available through direct delivery of licensing.

Written by Brock

Launch of the New Ethics Tools

It's been a long time coming and we're excited to announce the new Ethics Tool online tool for assessing Core Values and analyzing how those values impact the ethics behind major corporate and personal decision making.

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