Values-Based Decision Making - Front Line Providers

Very happy to announce that we have completed the curriculum for the new Values-Based Decision Making for Front Line Providers. This 3/4 day customizable design is intended to bring your corproate values and ethical guidelines to life for any non-supervisory personnel. It is engauging, informative and concludes with a group case study which challenges the students to work as a team to make ethical decisons on real life ethical dilemmas and filter their decisions through the 6-Step Values-Based Decision Making tool. This program is now part of our Values-Based Decision Making suite of tools, including the comprehensive 2-Day version for supervisors, managers and executives all of which we are making available through direct delivery of licensing.

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A great article on serving customers

This is a great article by Kathy Cuff on the foundation of Legendary Service. We must ask ourselves, do we have the humility to serve customers with CARE.

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Launch of the New Ethics Tools

It's been a long time coming and we're excited to announce the new Ethics Tool online tool for assessing Core Values and analyzing how those values impact the ethics behind major corporate and personal decision making.

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Death by Mentoring

The dead, mangled body had long since been removed, and the crew had been sent back to their hotel rooms. A critical-stress debriefing counsellor was on the way, but would be a few more hours yet before arriving. I had never met this crew before. I had been asked to investigate the accident as an outside party. My role was to investigate the death of a young worker called a floor hand, who had been working on an oil and gas drilling rig. I was not there to point a finger, but to determine root cause and future solutions that would prevent such an accident from occurring again.

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Applied Values Case Study and Summary

In the early 1990’s I was the Senior Manager of Safety for the service rig division of a large oil and gas service company. Under some insightful leadership, our corporation had decided to embrace a values-based leadership initiative to define our culture and grow our organization. My supervisor, the division Vice President (VP), had grown up in the industry and by his own admission practiced behavior quite contrary to our new values on a regular and rampant basis.

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