Challenging Conversations® - A Blanchard Product

Course Details

  • Course Length: 4hrs
  • Course Format: Classroom
  • Prerequisites: VBDM, DiSC MGT, SLII
  • Influence Competency: Self, One-on-one, Teams, Customers, Organization, Technical

Challenging Conversations® - A Blanchard Product

Course Description

This half-day workshop provides opportunities to build competence and commitment in preparing for and conducting challenging conversations. In an energizing, interactive, and safe environment participants practice the types of challenging conversations that have become so much a part of daily life. Workplace situations are the key focus, but these skills are equally useful in managing difficult conversations with family or with others outside of work.

With organizations scrambling to adapt to a changing world, the capacity to effectively have challenging conversations has become a key competency. Whether the topic of your conversation is delivering a difficult message, giving tough performance feedback, or confronting insensitive behavior, the reticence most of us feel about having challenging conversations is common. Some of us have a hard time dealing with anger; some of us can’t deal with silence or tears. Challenging Conversations covers all of the most challenging, intense, and emotionally charged types of conversations.
Using a flexible five-step model, participants use work examples to practice new skills and have ample time for personal reflection with issues that they face in their daily life. These include speaking up without alienating the other person and being able to listen even if you are “triggered” by what you are hearing.

There are five interconnected steps to having a challenging conversation. They are:

  •     S State your concerns directly
  •     P Probe for information to gain deeper understanding
  •     E Engage each other through whole-hearted listening
  •     A Attend to body language
  •     K Keep forward focused when possible