Optimal Motivation®- A Blanchard Product

Course Details

  • Course Length: 1-1.5 Days
  • Course Format: Classroom
  • Influence Competency: Self, One-on-One, Teams, Customers, Organization, Conflict, Technical

Optimal Motivation®- A Blanchard Product

Course Description

Learn to create a workplace where people flourish through high-quality motivation

Disengaged employees cost organizations billions of dollars every year. Unfortunately, many executives responsible for measuring and improving engagement have no idea how individuals become disengaged in the first place. The key to engagement is the quality of an individual’s day-to-day motivation. Optimal Motivation® makes the bold claim that motivation is a skill that can be taught, learned, nurtured, and sustained. Individuals can be taught how to choose a high-quality motivational experience at any time and for any task. Leaders learn that their role is to help employees make a shift toward an optimal motivational outlook.

Motivation matters! Optimally Motivated employees are

• Three times more satisfied with their jobs

• Delivering 31 percent higher productivity

• Three times more creative on the job

• Ten times more engaged by their jobs.

Optimal Motivation shifts the paradigm of motivation, helping participants understand that people are always motivated and that it is the quality of their motivation that matters most. When daily motivation is optimal, this leads to highly engaged employees that experience employee work passion over time. Early intervention is the key.

Learners explore the Spectrum of Motivation and its six Motivation Outlooks along with how to apply proven best practices based on the science of motivation.