Legendary Service® for Managers - A Blanchard Product

Course Details

  • Course Length: 1 - 1.5 Days
  • Course Format: Classroom
  • Influence Competency: Teams, Customer, Organization

Legendary Service® for Managers - A Blanchard Product

Course Description

We define Legendary Service as consistently delivering ideal service that keeps customers coming back. With time and consistency, this becomes the competitive edge for your organization. The Legendary Service program focuses on consistently delivering exceptional customer service through improved employee engagement. Legendary Service creates awareness and skills for people at the top levels of your organization and drills down to those most in touch with customers. Legendary Service is a fast-paced, interactive program where participants develop their personal service vision in alignment with organizational imperatives, practice Legendary Service skills, identify their customer groups to provide consistent personalized service, and unleash their personal power as they focus on taking care of self as the foundation for taking care of others.

The Managers Curriculum is a half day add-on to the Service Providers Curriculum with a focus on how to establish and lead a culture of service, including a service policy review.