Coaching Essentials for Leaders - A Blanchard Product

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Coaching Essentials for Leaders - A Blanchard Product

Course Description

Coaching Essentials® for Leaders is a skills-based training program that focuses on helping leaders to integrate coaching into their leadership style by developing core coaching skills and applying new behaviors to help develop their employees, colleagues, and teams. Leaders who utilize coaching skills have more effective teams, retain their key people, provide better customer service in their organizations, and experience higher productivity overall. This program is for people who seek to learn and apply coaching skills with others in order to increase their effectiveness and influence within their organizations. This program is dedicated to increasing participants' ability to integrate coaching into their current leadership style.


Coaching Essentials for Leaders is a learningprocess that allows learning to take place overtime. Coaching Essentials

  • Provides a simple coaching conversation model
  • Includes three coaching sessions for betterapplication of material
  • Establishes a consistent language that fits with all leadership styles
  • Has immediate, real-world application
  • Teaches communication skills that improve
  • Partnering for Performance conversations
  • Provides specific coaching skills that can be applied immediately
  • Establishes an internal coaching structure that gives leaders and managers the tools that equip them to talk through and resolve challenges
  • Helps individuals achieve balance between their needs and those