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Leadership Skills

Strengthening Your Influence

Great leaders know that one of the most powerful skills to possess is the ability to influence. Without it, strategic calls-to-action may be ignored, teams can disengage, and critical customer relationships may stumble.

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Learn to Influence

Developing leaders is our passion. To do that, we’ve partnered with the finest learning providers in the world so that we can offer you the best in training and assessment tools. We always lean into understanding your business needs first so that we can hand-pick from a range of programs and tools to best meet your goals.


When it comes to influence, there are are six (6) areas we can help develop:

  1. Self
  2. One-on-One
  3. Teams
  4. Customers
  5. Greater Organization
  6. Conflict

There is also a 7th competency area around “Technical” that we are happy to provide referrals for.


Our facilitation style is meant to be professional, fun, practical and engaging. Depending on the design of your program, training can be offered as a mix of classroom or workshop sessions as well as virtual or online learning. Our goal is to design all of our programs to best suit your needs.

Helping Build Leaders & Organizations

Our training series is meant to grow the capabilities of your team and help the company build momentum. As the company builds momentum Executive Coaching and Developing Culture are the two other areas of expertise we offer that can serve your business, your people, and yourself.


capacity to lead.

“I would like to say this training does build leaders who build leaders both in the workplace and at home. Many thanks.”

James B.
Branch Manager
The Cat Rental Store
Values-Based Decision Making

Another skill few leaders learn is how to stick to their foundation of values when faced with a conflicting choice. We’ve learned that making ethical decisions is simply a matter of putting core values into action. 


To help develop this skill in people, we’ve designed a one-of-a-kind values-based decision making course. In a handful of hours, our online training will clarify and give confidence on how to think through decisions using your values, along with other ethical filters, to make the right business and life decisions.


Our course is designed to be flexible and can be taken individually or as a team with prompts and tools for greater discussion. The opportunity to customize the learning for an organization, integrating in its own corporate values and brand, is an option that we are happy to discuss.