Integrity Consulting is pleased to provide a variety of resources to further help you develop your own Values-Based Leadership model.

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Core Value Assessment

Core Value Assessment

The Core Values Assessment tool will help you define and understand you personal core vales and provide a clear proof what they mean to you.
  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your values, guiding principles and/or beliefs
  • Define & refine your personal core values
  • Identify outcomes & behavioural indicators
  • Examine your daily application of each value
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Six Step Ethical Decision Making Process

Six Step Ethical Decision Making Process

The Six Step Process tool will guide you through a step-by-step process of deconstructing a problem, defining possible solutions and evaluating the ethical standing of each solution, as they stack up to your personal or companies core values.
  • Identify governing guidelines & principles
  • Explore the decision making process in a structured, objective environment
  • Examine potential ethical dilemmas
  • Review & select potential solutions
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Recommended Readings

We recommend a number of books on a variety of leadership and corporate topics.
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