Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader

Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader


Dealing effectively with conflict is difficult for any leader. Poorly managed conflict creates enormous costs in the form of wasted management time, high turnover, and lawsuits, not to mention the failure to leverage the naturally occurring differences that can drive creativity, innovation, and invention. How can leaders develop the skills to get the best out of conflict?

The second edition of Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader shows leaders how to implement constructive approaches to conflict while avoiding strategies that lead to destructive outcomes. The book combines research, conceptual models, practitioner experience, and stories that highlight the core conflict competencies. Authors Tim Flanagan and Craig Runde describe constructive behaviors and proven approaches that leaders can employ, tactics and reactions to avoid, and insights for ensuring that organizational structures support positive approaches to conflict management and resolution.

The revised edition of this classic resource features two completely new chapters: one that addresses the Cool Down, Slow Down and Reflect, and Engage Constructively model and one that offers guidance for conflict in teams. The authors have updated examples throughout the book, added references to recent research, and included a new constructive behavior, Listening for Understanding, along with many new suggestions for "staying in the zone." Other enhancements, such as tips and exercises at the end of each chapter, make this edition user friendly as a personal resource or a text for teaching others.


Written by: Craig E Runde, Tim A Flanagan

Topics: Conflict

ISBN #: 1283851474

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