A Leader's Legacy

A Leader's Legacy

"Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have done it again! In a brilliant follow-up to The Leadership Challenge, they offer the combined wisdom of decades of studying and working with leaders. In 22 thoughtful essays they summarize with depth and clarity what is really important for you as a leader: your courage, your relationships, and the legacy you leave behind." Bill George, former chairman and CEO, Medtronic; author, Authentic Leadership "This superb book defies conventional wisdom in favor of being truly wise. In chapters such as 'Leaders Should Want to Be Liked' and 'Failure Is Always an Option,' Kouzes and Posner portray leaders on a human scale, opening leadership to anyone who is willing to be fully human. That, of course, is a challenge! And yet the style of this bookwith its stories of well-grounded leaders and its engaging conversational proseencourages the reader to live into and up to that challenge. A Leader's Legacy will surely become key to the literary legacy that its authors have been leaving in their wake over the past twenty-five years." Parker J. Palmer, author, The Courage to Teach, A Hidden Wholeness, and Let Your Life Speak "In their new book, Kouzes and Posner provide a badly needed supplement to all those other books on leadership. First, they don't just say that everyone can be a leaderthat oft-repeated bromide is little more than a cliché now. They demonstrate (with good examples) how true and important the idea is. And second (again with effective examples) they make 'leadership' something that will interest not just 'organizational' types but anyone who hopes to make a difference in the world." William Bridges, author, Transitions and Managing Transition "A Leader's Legacy is an indispensable daily reference for leaders at every level of every enterprise. Legacy is a gift to leaders of today, to leaders of the future." - Frances Hesselbein, chairman, Leader to Leader Institute

Written by: James M Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner

Topics: Leadership

ISBN #: 9780787982966

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