Establishing a Values-Based Culture of Trust - Tips and Tricks for Success

Check out recommended tips and tricks for success below!
Personal Leadership:

– Revisit your values work at Work with your values until you are satisfied that the values and the priority listing you gave them are something you would be willing to risk it all for.

– Share your values with people who know you well. Ask them if they believe your values represent who they know you to be or are aspirational (a values you wish to align with but may not yet).

– Sit down with your family and use to develop family values. When they are done, frame them and post them on your wall.


– If you have older children have them go to and develop their personal values. Talk to them about what they chose and why.


– Have your domestic partner (or potential partner) go to and complete their values. Talk to them about what they chose, how they defined them and why. You can even screen your online dates with this.

Team Leadership:

– Model desired behavior by defining and posting your personal core values, then inviting your team to hold you accountable to them. Find ways to encourage your team to give you feedback. Always respond to feedback with a thankyou and a plan of action.


– Encourage team members to define and share their core values as a means of knowing one another better. They can use for this.



– Start meeting with short values success stories. Remember, the story must specifically tie back to how the behavior represents a value or decisions were made based on the values. Remember, sometime values success stories are how we corrected poor decisions after the fact using values.


-Establish team values. See


– Reward and showcase values-based behavior on the team.

Organizational Leadership:

– Define and publish the core values of the company. Visit for tips.



– Provide training to all your team members on making values-based decisions.


  • – Publish your values on cards and other tools people can carry and reference. Any customer who puts their team members through Values-Based Decision Making by Integrity Consulting is given copyright permission to place the Six Step Decision Making Process on their card.
– Establish a culture where the question “please tell me how your decision is aligned with the core values” is encouraged. Where leaders must respond in a thankful positive way to such a question. Where any belligerent response to the question will be met with discipline.
– Establish a budget for values recognition programs that celebrate values aligned behavior.

– Build values alignment into performance management systems.


– Measure values alignment through employee engagement or other feedback mechanisms.

– Ensure values success stories are part of frequent executive updates or reviews. 



– Define and share strategy with the team. Give them score boards. Values-based companies build trust by clearly communicating strategy and goals.



– Practice what Tom Peters called MBWA (Management By Walking Around” and always ask team members what they know about the values.


– Celebrate values-based themes on a regular basis i.e. The theme for the quarter is on our service value. Teams are encouraged to celebrate and reinforce this value with grand prize winners.


– Celebrate individual team members application of their personal values (i.e. cover stories in company new letter of volunteer work etc.).


– Ensure malicious violations of the values by anyone are dealt with harshly.


– When recruiting, have potential candidates go to and complete their values. Discuss them at the interview and ask the candidate to give examples of when their values were lived out by them.


– Give the candidate an ethics case study and ask them to work it through the six-step decision making process,, then print off the PDF of their decision report. Discuss their results before hiring them. (There is an instructional video on the site on how to use the site).