Values-Based Decision Making

An eLearning Course

Decisions and values always intersect. Sticking to your values when faced with a conflicting choice is a developed skill. This unique course is designed for busy leaders, organizational teams, and individuals who lead from a foundation of core values (or wish to).

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Values-Based Decision Making

A skill few leaders learn is how to stick to their foundation of values when faced with a conflicting choice. We’ve learned that making ethical decisions is simply a matter of putting core values into action. 



To help develop this skill in people, we’ve designed a one-of-a-kind values-based decision making course. In a handful of hours, our online training will clarify and give confidence on how to think through decisions using your values, along with other ethical filters, to make the right business and life decisions.



Our course is designed to be flexible and can be taken individually or as a team with prompts and tools for greater discussion. 

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Customize | Incorporate Your Organizational Values & Branding

For larger teams or broad company training, the opportunity to customize this course is available. We can integrate your own corporate values and brand to help maximize its impact. We will provide complimentary and customizable leader guides, handouts, and a debrief presentation deck.  

Join the more than 10,000 people on 5 continents who have taken this training.

“Excellent Perspective. No one can go through the course and be unaffected!”

Dennis W., CRSP
Safety Manager

"This course helps provide a guiding compass when navigating ethical decisions.

The 6-step process helps bring clarity to decisions you may be wrestling with."

Kimberly B.
Manager, Talent Development, Diversity & Inclusion
Ovintiv Canada ULC